Uvistat SPF50 Lipscreen Customer Reviews

Uvistat lip screen SPF50

I bought this sunscreen because I needed extra protection for my lips. My lips were dry and flaking and I was worried about developing "Farmers lips" which can be a precursor of lip cancer. I spend a lot of time walking outdoors. Lots of things can cause dry flaking lips. Sun damage, retinol, cosmetics, liking them constantly etc. It's difficult to find a factor fifty lip protection that is quite undetectable. This does have a detectable thin coat of white shine. However, l put a small amount of lipstick beneith the lip screen and it looks quite nice. My lips are improving, I still have a tendency to lick them but I am more concerned with the effects of sun damage. You can buy this from certain chemists but I'm not advertising them. So you have a choice.

Does good.

Ermmm yea

Buy it

An excellent product

5 out of 5

tested at intensive sun exposure at high altidute and skiing favorite lipstic will keep buying

Five Stars

Great product, clear no white lips and good protection, uvistat make some good products.

Works a treat!

The only 50 factor lip protector I can find that does the trick

Best lip protection ever!

I am prone to coldsores so thought I'd try this out as have used lots of other kinds. I have used this every day whilst cycling to work and also on holiday in Bali over Christmas and New Year. No coldsores on holiday and very good protection in the wind. Definitely recommend this product!

Sun cream that works!

I have red hair and very fair skin that burns within a few minutes of being in the sun. Uvistat is the only sun cream I have found that actually works. You can feel it block the heat instantly, and you know when it stops working because you immediately feel your skin get very hot - that is when to reapply the cream. Before this became available I couldn't go out in the sun. It changes your life! Any factor number of Uvistat works equally well - you just have to reapply sooner with a lower number. I have never had sunburn since I started using it. Great for babies and kids - you can trust it.

Cold sores

have not had a coldsore whilst using this. buy it everytime.

Uvistat SPF 50 Lipscreen

I've been using this for many years & during this time I've never had a coldsore. It's the best.

Four Stars

good for protecting lip. risk of lip cancer in family, so crucial

Great product.

Keeps the cold sores away. I find less spf products don't work.

Five Stars

Safety factor appropriate, as advised by medics.

Recommend these for anyone who gets sun sores

I would recommend these for anyone who gets sun sores. Since I have been using it, about 10 years, I have not had any sun sores

brilliant product

I get cold sores every holiday, for the first time in years, I have been cold sore free, I will never go away without this product again

Brilliant Product !!

If you do one thing before your hols buy this product !! I burnt my lips severely after using 15 factor never ever again I would gladly swap the pearly white look on my lips for the ones I had blistered swollen n burnt I've told every one to use this product on hols or general use in winter

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Uvistat Kids Sun Cream Offer
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