Uvistat SPF30 Sun Cream Customer Reviews


This stuff is magical. I have actually been using as a night time moisturiser. It has completely cleared my skin and gave me a wonderful clear complexion better than any anti-wrinkle or anti-spot cream I have ever used. Amazing.

best suncream for prickly heat

i used to get prickly heat ,then someone reccomended this, i've been using it for years and have never had prickly heat since.It is quite thick to go on but brilliant for sun protection.

I have a very sensitive skin and get an itchy ...

I have a very sensitive skin and get an itchy rash on my chest in the sun . Uvistat certainly prevents this but I have only awarded 4 stars because it dries white on my skin

Great product

will be buying more soon. great product.

Five Stars

The best cream ever no prickly heat when I use this and still get a nice tan

Have used this for decades. The only sun cream ...

Have used this for decades. The only sun cream I can use without a skin reaction. It's very difficult to find in the high street pharmacies.

Satisfactory product.

My husband is 100% happy with this product. He has used it for many years and has recommended it a close friend.

Sun cream that works!

I have red hair and very fair skin that burns within a few minutes of being in the sun. Uvistat is the only sun cream I have found that actually works. You can feel it block the heat instantly, and you know when it stops working because you immediately feel your skin get very hot - that is when to reapply the cream. Before this became available I couldn't go out in the sun. It changes your life! Any factor number of Uvistat works equally well - you just have to reapply sooner with a lower number. I have never had sunburn since I started using it. Great for babies and kids - you can trust it.

uvistat 30

Good stuff this especially if you have sensitive skin. Also up to 5 hours water resitant I have heard although no mention of this on packaging. Used this in caribbean and spain.

Good effective suncream but stained clothing

This suncream worked very well and did not irritate my sensitive skin. It is much less greasy than many suncreams - it leaves your skin looking more dry than oily, and almost as if you have applied light-coloured make-up! As with many suncreams, it did stain the edges of my light-coloured tops (the instructions did warn against getting it near clothing, but of course you have to apply it to all exposed skin for protection). Overall, I would recommend - although it is fairly expensive, it gave good protection and I gained a light tan with no burning.

Uvistat sun cream factor 30

Excellent, lasts all day. Uvistat is the only suncream I can put on my children's very sensitive skin.

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Uvistat Kids Sun Cream Offer
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